What If We Were Wrong?

January 11, 2021|

"Ignore them, they are just trying to get attention." Ever heard that one? Ever said that one? I sure have. I said it often as an Educator, and I've even said it as a parent. Though it makes me cringe now, there was a time when I believed that constantly [...]

A Little Thankfulness Goes a Long Way

April 29, 2020|

"When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around." Willie Nelson Gratitude is so important. Not only does it help us to appreciate what we have and be thankful when times are good, it is a perspective shifter when life gets hard. Spending our days looking for ways [...]

Spidey Senses to the Rescue!

April 13, 2020|

Spiderman is pretty great. Not only can he scale buildings, sling webs, and catch the bad guys, he can use his "Spidey Senses".  He is able to use his heightened senses to become attuned to his environment and sense the needs of those around him .   Our kids can become [...]

Breathing Exercises to Calm Little Minds

April 6, 2020|

"You need to just calm down" Probably one of the worst things that can be said to someone that is feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Not only is it not helpful, it can cause even more stress and anxiety. When we are anxious, our bodies go into fight or flight mode. [...]