A year and a half. 14 little loves. Countless diaper changes, endless giggles, dance parties, movie nights, Disneyland trips, Birthdays celebrated, goodbyes said, tears shed, appointments upon appointments and visits. So many visits. Parent visits, sibling visits, Social Worker visits, Therapist visits, Nurse visits, and even Santa came to visit.

The current little ones have been with us long enough that we know them like the back of our hand. We know their likes/dislikes, favorite way to be put to sleep, favorite snack, favorite color and even their favorite jammies. We know the difference between their tired cry and their scared cry. We could even tell you what costume they will pick from the dress up box.

Bithiah’s has done what it was created to do.  To stand in the gap, provide quality care and medical attention, and assist in helping the little ones to feel safe, loved and precious. Although Bithiah’s is pretty great, we strive to be better.  We dig deeper into training our staff on trauma, we look for new ways to connect and attach with the kids, and we find creative ways to help them feel regulated, safe and engaged.  This is not for the faint of heart, it is hard work.  If you were to ask any of the Residential Treatment Specialists, they will tell you that each shift is challenging, stretching and downright exhausting.  However, they do not give up.  They lean into the hard, take a deep breath, and continually look for ways to engage and connect with each of the little ones.

Although time marches on at Bithiah’s and little ones come and go, we will not forget what an honor it is to be able to love on each precious life while they are in our care.  We will not take for granted a single day.  The kids may leave and change, but our commitment will not.