She’s been gone for a month.  Not a day goes by that we don’t think about her.  She left after just two weeks with us on her two week birthday.  She was returned to the arms that failed to protect her.  As the social worker was picking her up to return her home, she mentioned to Keith that she didn’t agree with the judge’s decision and she had a bad feeling about the whole thing.  Keith had her promise to call us if she ever was removed again and was needing placement.

Yesterday morning, my phone rang.  I didn’t recognize the number but picked up anyhow.  It was a man calling from the county regarding the sweet baby girl that had managed to steal our hearts a month ago.  Our fear had been confirmed.  She and her older sister were being detained again.  The man was calling to ask if we would take the baby girl back.  “Yes!” I practically yelled into the phone.  “You’ll take her sister too?” He asked almost immediately.  With a lump in my throat, I had to tell him that we could take baby girl, but were not able to take her older sister.  He promised to call me right back.  A day and a half later, and I still haven’t heard back.

 I pray that he found a wonderful family for both girls. Someone who will love them fully.   My heart aches for the two of them.  I want so badly to swoop them up and protect them from harm, their family, and the system that has let them down.  They deserve a future and a safe, forever home.