Last Thursday, the most beautiful 6 week old baby girl was delivered to our home.  She has fair skin, dark blue eyes, and dark brown hair that sticks straight in the air.  The boys took one look at her and nicknamed her “Rockstar”.  She is perfection.  By far, our easiest shelter baby yet.
When we learned of her story and the reason she and her sisters were detained by CPS, our hearts broke into pieces.  Somehow her rough start at life made us feel even more protective of her.  After her initial check up at the doctor today, we learned more heart breaking news.  She now was facing medications and procedures to fix something that might have been caused from the two people that brought her into this world.
My blood began to boil.  I sent Keith a quick text of the findings, and his response was fury.  We are angry.  Angry at the people who hurt her so deeply, angry at the system that will most likely fail her, and angry that this is now her story.  She did nothing to deserve this.
After we vented to each other about our disgust over the situation, we made a vow.  We will do everything in our power to keep her safe.  We will be her voice.  We will make it our mission to see that she stays protected.  We will use our anger and disgust to fuel our mission to keep her away from danger.  The Mama Bear has come out.  It doesn’t matter that she didn’t come from my womb.  As long as she is in my home, she is my daughter.  She has two very determined foster parents that will love her and see to it that this cycle is broken.  Even though her days at our house are numbered, her voice will be heard.